Subject:       terima kasih akhi iDAN
   Date:       Fri, 10 Mar 2000 16:49:39 +0800
   From:         rashidi <>

I must take this opputunity to express my sincere gratitute and thanks to our faculty's bomoh
komputer for solving a  5 months  off and on, faculty's computer problem. I seeked help
from quite a number of bomohs, both internally and externally. I have to go external because
my computer is still under warranty, and thanks to MacroHard Computer for keeping their
promise on the warranty. However, for the past one week, another problem cropped up.
As before, I spent quite a considerable amount of time cracking my head to solve the
problem. I confronted our experts, three of them, and they recommended that I reinstalled
my Communicator. That I did. Surprisingly, after an umpteen times and after almost a week
had gone, and after  getting helps from our experts, my computer still have the same
problem. I could not get access to my mails. So yesterday I took my computer to my
bomoh, and to tell you guys, this particular bomoh lives a miserable life. He lives in a
wooden hut, which, if set on fire, it will be

Even under that condition, he was not given a phone. I dont know how will he be able to
call for help if that wooden hut of his, get caught in fire in the middle of the night. I seeked
his help after office. I brought my computer to his hut and he really worked on it from 'asr till
maghrib, continued till almost isya'. Then I took him to our new building's handover
ceremony dinner, that was given to the faculty yesterday night. After the dinner, I took him
back to his wooden hut, and we worked all the way till 4 am

it was a success.
The problem was solved. I would say we were  a very happy couple that night. I'm not that
worried now about my computer problems because, deep in my heart, I know that there is
somebody in the faculty who knew his staffs, knew what he is doing, and is more than
willing to help, in fact more than willing to sacrifice his precious times with his family,  mind
you we worked till dawn, and according to him, it is common for him to go back late at
night, as late as 1 am, or even 3 am, solving faculty's computer problems. This is the staff we
had. A dedicated , left neglected staff, and for sure, it is very much unwise of us, and of me
if he is continuedly left uncared, unattended, left unconcerned an unpedulied. Well Idan, you
are a good bomoh. And a good one. And this is what life is all about. To you, my bomoh
Idan, be patient, you will be rewarded sooner or later for your contributions. This is the
promise of

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