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Subject: an Award from me
Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 10:38:42 +0800

From Tue May 18 19:37:40 1999
Received: from (
Dear Idan,

Yes, I enjoyed my visit in your site. Colorful and cheerful.
You can select one award image for your good work from this url

I have 2 award pictures:
The first one, red and white image reflecting Indonesian flag. 2
pictures in that award, the yellow trophy and a 'gunungan'.
symbolyzes the world in 'Wayang Kulit' one of Indonesian shadow
puppet play.

The second award is colorful. The floral illustration taken from
my virtual home. Yes, it's cheerful and colorful.

Should you want me to place a link from my 'Ballroom'  to your
page or your main page, just drop me a note.

My Ballroom

Thanks for inviting me to your site.
Rita Sim
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